Dev Bootcamp Learning Competencies

I have been going on the “Pre-Phase 0” materials whenever I get the chance. Dev provided a couple links that you can read to test your learning mindset and determine what your best learning technique is. I’ve written some notes about “Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset”and also about the VARK learning styles.

Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset 

–       Reaching your potential is not about ability

–       It’s about looking at ability as something inherent that needs to be demonstrated or developed

–       It is possible to change from one view to another

–       Intelligence, like a muscle, grows stronger through exercise. 


Fixed Mindset

Growth Mindset

– Intelligence is static

– Intelligence can be developed

– “I am the way I am”

– Believe that the brain is like a muscle that can be trained.

– Avoid challenges – stick to what they know they do well

– Leads to a desire to learn

– Give up easily

– Embrace challenges

– Effort is viewed as fruitless or worse

– Persist in the face of setbacks

– Ignore useful feedback

– Obstacles do not lead to discouragement

– Feel threatened by the success of others (convince themselves and others that the person’s success was due to luck)

– Self-image is not tied to your success and how you will look to others; failure is an opportunity to learn, and so whatever happens you win


Result: plateau early and achieve less than their full potential

– Effort is necessary to grow and master useful skills. => Effort leads to mastery

=> deterministic view of the world

– Learn from criticism.


– The success of others is inspiring.


Result: higher levels of achievement and greater sense of free will.



The VARK Questionnaire – How Do I Learn Best?

This questionnaire is a guide to learning styles.

My scores:

Visual: 7

Aural: 10

Read/write: 12

Kinesthetic: 12


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