Who Am I?

I thought it would be beneficial for both myself and others to make a blog about my journey towards becoming a software developer. I’m just a regular girl who needs all the help she can get to become a software developer and be happy in a career that she loves and cares about.


I had an epiphany about 7 months ago just before I started my application for grad school at Boston University. I needed/wanted a better, more satisfying job. I kept thinking to myself “This really can’t be it.” I naturally thought getting an advanced degree was the answer. For me it was. In October 2013, I was admitted to Boston University’s Distance Education Master’s in Computer Information Systems. This was probably one of the happiest days of my life. It was my second chance, my opportunity to get further in my career. I was slated to start January 2014 and I am now 2 courses in. I’m currently taking Quantitative Methods for Information Systems (not a calculus fan..) but my first class was the one that really reeled me in. The second half of that course taught me basic Java. To me, there was nothing more amazing than writing code that worked and did what I wanted it to. And that was just baby Java….It would be awesome to be good at Ruby one day. Working on it!

So basically, I work full time, am a part-time grad student and am working to prepare myself for Dev Bootcamp in October!

My post about my Dev Interview and prep is next!


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